Monday, January 10, 2005

Since Rogue is on my ass to update my blog, I will. Life is good, Bush has been re-elected, so I get to keep my tax-cuts off all the money I make from selling booze to drunks. Jennifer and Brad broke up, awwwww, who really gives a fuck. Things are getting brighter as we kill and they kill their own(dumbasses) brown skinned people in Iraq and mother nature is on our side too by wiping out a couple of hundred thousand of them in Indonesia. I bet I can pick up some 12 yr-old sex slaves on the cheap now as there is no parents or officials to interfere.

I've come to realize there is no Satan/General as I sent him an email to meet me while down in Austin, Berg's greatest prank yet. Haven't heard from Celt lately, that many blood-suckers has got to take alot of time. The boards have grown old and tired as you can only make fun of dumbasses for so long. How I long for the days of old. Michi keeps sending naked pics of herself, wish she was better looking.